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Lawn Care Tips and Tricks

A well kept lawn

A well kept lawn

In spring and autumn, moderate heat and good humidity promote turf growth. From the end of March to the beginning of summer, then from September to the end of October, it is advisable to mow the lawn once or twice a week between 3 and 5 cm in height depending on ones tastes.

Optimal time for mowing grass In summer which is characterized by dry and warm periods,involves  increasing mowing height to 10 cm so that the soil retains its moisture better. In dry and warm weather, the lawn goes dormant and stops growing, allowing it to withstand unfavorable climatic conditions for a few weeks. Do not mow during heatwaves or after long hours of rain,
To get a slightly rustic look reduce by half the frequency of mowing. High lawns also slows the invasion of pests.

In order to obtain the ideal grass height in a simple and practical way, make sure to cut it each time by a third of its height. This will prevent the sharp cuts that expose the heart of the tufts and prevent the grass from turning yellow.

Optimal Time of Year for Mowing Grass

It is advisable to sharpen or change the blade of your mower at least once a year. Sharp blades produce clear cut of the turf blades reducing their sensitivity to diseases and prevents them from turning yellow.

Lawn mowing exerts one both physically therefore it is important to schedule such a tasks when you are well energized and mentally prepared to take on such draining task. The weather and temperature at the time should also be taken into consideration before hand to avoid exertions.

Lastly, I would add that you should take your neighbors into consideration when deciding on the optimal time of day to mow the grass, as they might be bothered by the noise.

Here is wishing you success as you tend to your lawn!

Drain cleaning advice

sink cleaning timeCleaning of drainage  in an environmentally friendly way is never easy. Would you like to know a home remedy to clean the drain of your house without using toxic products? Mixing vinegar and baking soda is one solution to this. Here we’ll explain to you how to do it.

Cleaning the house can be fun or it can turn into an extremely stressful operation. Few people can truly say that they enjoy doing household chores, however, when we find solutions that help us with this task we are faced with a different attitude. There are activities that seem boring, but the key is to find the right technique and product.

On this occasion, we focus on one of the most tedious jobs in the home, we are talking about cleaning the drain. For this, we have many chemical products, toxic and polutants in the stores, but we present an equally valid alternative that, in addition, takes care of the environment much more.

Home Remedies to Clean the Drain

To do this, you will need two products that we all have in our homes, we are talking about vinegar and baking soda that you can buy anywhere.

To make this mixture you will need: 1000 grams of baking soda, a glass of hot vinegar and a glass of boiling water.

The cleaning of the drainage must be done at night, before going to sleep so that the product takes effect for several hours. First, pour the baking soda down the drain and then pour a cup of hot vinegar and a glass of boiling water. It is important that, once the cleaning is done, do not turn on the water until the next morning. After the night is over the mixture of vinegar and baking soda will have done their work, while not harming the environment.

If you wish you can do a weekly cleaning of the drains of your home with this technique to ensure you do not suffer issues.

You already know how to clean the drains in the washing machine, the sink, the dishwasher, etc. But, all prevention work is essential. Therefore, here are some recommendations to avoid drainage:

Never throw food through the sink because leftover residue accumulates in the pipe and siphon and can cause injury. Your sink should have a plug with holes so the food will not leak out.
Get a good kitchen faucet like this A high  quality faucet will help you to blast away excess dirt.
In addition, the soaps you use can leave sediment in the pipes. Every 10 days it is advisable to clean them with hot salt water.

The most popular kinds of fish in Taiwan

Freshwater tropical fish are rapidly being more popular type of fish in Taiwan. Not just are they significantly less demanding to keep than saltwater angle, yet they come in such an extensive variety of shapes, sizes, hues, and identities that regardless you have a various range to browse. Here are a couple of tips when choosing freshwater tropical water creatures for your aquarium.

At the point when entering a fish store, it’s anything but difficult to need to go haywire and select all way of lovely, noteworthy freshwater tropical fish. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you are new to dealing with aquariums, it’s a smart thought to begin little. Once you’re certain that your tank is controlled, you can simply include more fish until you have your private biological community of various species.


What are some great tropical freshwater fish to begin with? This relies on upon an assortment of different components. Choosing fish that are generous, for example, tetras, guppies, rasboras, bettas, mollies, and numerous others are all smart thoughts. Along these lines, on the off chance that you commit an error with your water temperature or nourishing timetable, you will have to a lesser degree a shot of bringing about serious harm.

What numerous people don’t understand at first about these freshwater tropical fish is that diverse species have distinctive dispositions also. Remembering these when purchasing fish it is significant to keep a flourishing tank and have a good auto fish feeder as well. For instance, some fish, for example, tetras and guppies, are tutoring fish. At the point when getting them, ensure that there are some tankmates of similar species with them. Other fish, for example, bettas, are famously regional. To keep the betta from assaulting everything else in your tank, it’s critical to research which sorts of fish are normally ok to coexist together.

Now and again your tank’s environment will influence what sort of freshwater tropical fish you possess. If you anticipate purchasing herbivorous fish, for instance, don’t purchase genuine plants for your tank, or your fish will quickly devour them. If you anticipate purchasing savage tropical freshwater fish, for example, cichlids or killifishes, abstain from keeping littler fish in your tank, as they may wind up gobbled up.


You can avoid unintentionally acquainting illness with your tank by ensuring that the store you buy your fish from has quality tropical freshwater angle. For instance, abstain from purchasing from stores that keep their fish in packed or grimy tanks. If a fish looks wiped out, abstain from obtaining anything from that tank. Remember that a single fish or a fish with its balances collapsed up may not be sick. Be that as it may if you see a fish attempting to swim or inhale, evade it. Always remember that fish is part of your balanced diet. It has a vital nutritional role in your body.

Arts and Taiwanese Culture Blog

Taiwanese culture is very diverse and interesting.  Taiwan is a country that borders the east China Sea and the Taiwan straight.  It is just north of the Philippines and Southeast of China.  The capital of Tapei is a large metropolitan city home to a variety of people.

The climate would mainly be considered tropical.  There is a rainy season that occurs from June to August and the weather is generally cloudy throughout the year.

The population as of 2014 is roughly 23.4 million people with the majority being from the Tapei area.  The genetic make up of the people is roughly 85% ethnic Taiwanese and 15% Mainland Chinese.  The religious makeup on the other hand is roughly 93% Buddhist and 7% Christian/misc.

The most widely spoken language is mandarin chinese but in the south the min dialect is widely spoken as well.  There are also different dialects in rural areas.  English is a part of the general school curriculum as well.

In Taiwan the culture of face is extremely important and is difficult to explain but it generally means that conflict is avoided at all costs and not to put other people in comprimising situations.

Overall Taiwan is a place with a diverse and interesting background.  We highly recommend a visit to everyone.