Arts and Taiwanese Culture Blog

Taiwanese culture is very diverse and interesting.  Taiwan is a country that borders the east China Sea and the Taiwan straight.  It is just north of the Philippines and Southeast of China.  The capital of Tapei is a large metropolitan city home to a variety of people.

The climate would mainly be considered tropical.  There is a rainy season that occurs from June to August and the weather is generally cloudy throughout the year.

The population as of 2014 is roughly 23.4 million people with the majority being from the Tapei area.  The genetic make up of the people is roughly 85% ethnic Taiwanese and 15% Mainland Chinese.  The religious makeup on the other hand is roughly 93% Buddhist and 7% Christian/misc.

The most widely spoken language is mandarin chinese but in the south the min dialect is widely spoken as well.  There are also different dialects in rural areas.  English is a part of the general school curriculum as well.

In Taiwan the culture of face is extremely important and is difficult to explain but it generally means that conflict is avoided at all costs and not to put other people in comprimising situations.

Overall Taiwan is a place with a diverse and interesting background.  We highly recommend a visit to everyone.